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December 19, 2010
by Lauren

Truly Outrageous!

When I was a child, television still went off the air in the wee-hours of the morning. I can remember waking up to the bars and squeal of an off-air television more than once due to illness. Saturday morning cartoons were the best, but weekday cartoons were great, too. And I wanted to grow up to be Jem.

As in Jem and the Holograms. You know, young professional woman who runs a foster-care home by day and is a pink-haired rock singer by night? Her boyfriend is in love with both Jerrica (her real name) and Jem, her fun-loving alter-ego. For some reason she keeps it a secret who she really is and refuses to tell Rio – no joke, that’s the bf’s name – and is constantly distraught that he is making the moves on both of them. Both of her. Whatever. It drives the plot for the entire series, well, that and the feud with fellow all girl band The Misfits.

No, they’re not nearly as hard core as the REAL Misfits.

The show was, well, ridiculous, BUT it had a lot of bright colors and minute long catchy songs that to this day I find myself singing. I wonder if kids today have anything similar. I watch the television rarely now, but if I catch a kids’ show I’m always amazed at how many flashing things happen and how all that computer animation seems somehow more surreal than poorly synced hand drawn and painted cells.

So, anyway, in kindergarden I wrote that I wanted to grow up to be a fashion designer. The teacher asked who I knew that was one. I said “Jem” (which technically wasn’t true, but… kids!). I apparently had a hard time defining reality vs. fantasy. I never went to design school because I grew up and thought, “Humph! what nonsense wanting to design clothes. I’ll never make any money with that.” Now it turns out that I’m not making much money either way, so what if I had gone to design school?

Maybe I would have made something as Outrageous as these paper doll magnets!


December 6, 2010
by Lauren

Right outta my hair…

My favorite shop on Etsy may very well be Miss Violet Lace. I know, I know, it’s not “crafty” and not at all what I do, but I frickin’ love to dress up. I would have dyed my hair all sorts of colors when I was younger (or even now) if I wasn’t so proud of being a natural redhead. The idea of a collection of wigs that would allow me pink, green, lavender, and cobalt hair is so tempting that I can hardly stand to look at the site because I want to buy everything so much.

Maybe, if I’m really good, for my 27th birthday I’ll treat myself to one… let’s get this business up and running first though, shall we?


November 18, 2010
by Lauren

The Bright and Pale Cubs

The following is part of a story I wrote this summer in hopes of eventually illustrating it and getting it published – I’ve put only part of it here online because I’d love some feedback. Also, I have not so much time to compose a blog post right now, so… here we go!

The Bright and Pale Cubs – A Selection From The Story

The great Bear God resided from time immemorial in the Valley of the Geysers, subsisting on nectar rich flowers in the spring, gorging himself on salmon in the summer, and secreting himself in moist, warm caves for the winter months. Far to the western border of his land was a small cabin in the woods at the base of a large volcano. These were the only humans the Bear God had ever seen – a she-human and two she-cubs. One cub resembled berries in the fall, golden and red as autumn. The other had the pale skin and dark features of a birch tree, straight and tall. When the Bear God tired of the company of bears and found himself lonely he would travel to the cottage and watch the cubs at play or work. Sometimes the she-cubs sang and those were his favorite moments; the Bear God loved to sing and would often make his way through the forest and valleys with a song bellowing out before him. There was no mate to the she-human and the Bear God began to felt protective of these creatures that were so strange and singular amongst the vast expanse of his lands. He feared that something should happen to them and then he would be bereft of the only other creatures in his land that spoke and sang songs. In his 5th year of observing the pack his worry grew so strong that he neglected to keep watch over the weather. The season between summer and winter is always swift in the Valley of the Geysers and soon snow began to fall. The Bear God was stranded in the woods with the cottage.
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November 10, 2010
by Lauren

Limner Press

I was so excited to get the chance to spend some time at Limner Press in Williamston, MI yesterday! Wendy Shaft and Don Bixler are the owner/opperators of the press and they are wonderful people with really beautiful work.

(I got to see them printing this card!)

Check them out for any of your printing needs!


November 8, 2010
by Lauren

Spring, 2011

Here’s my hopes for fashion, given what I’ve gleaned from this fall’s Fashion Weeks and some insider contacts with local fashion vendors…

First off, I would never spend $200 on that hairpiece from Anthropologie, BUT I would make one because I think it’s lovely and I am in full support of statement hairpieces and hats. Secondly – bunting is everywhere now (EVERYWHERE) and it’s the new-old way to decorate for a party, holiday, or any occasion – so why not use it to decorate your neck?!?

I’ve also heard that other than Mint as spring’s color and Pattern taking the place of texture, the Sheath Dress will be making a comeback from, oh, yeah, that’s right – they’re still everywhere. I dislike sheaths, mostly because I am hourglass shaped and I’d rather have something that emphasized that nicely than worked to hide it. I also think sheaths are bland, but, shrug, I don’t control everything.