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Spring, 2011


Here’s my hopes for fashion, given what I’ve gleaned from this fall’s Fashion Weeks and some insider contacts with local fashion vendors…

First off, I would never spend $200 on that hairpiece from Anthropologie, BUT I would make one because I think it’s lovely and I am in full support of statement hairpieces and hats. Secondly – bunting is everywhere now (EVERYWHERE) and it’s the new-old way to decorate for a party, holiday, or any occasion – so why not use it to decorate your neck?!?

I’ve also heard that other than Mint as spring’s color and Pattern taking the place of texture, the Sheath Dress will be making a comeback from, oh, yeah, that’s right – they’re still everywhere. I dislike sheaths, mostly because I am hourglass shaped and I’d rather have something that emphasized that nicely than worked to hide it. I also think sheaths are bland, but, shrug, I don’t control everything.


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