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Hello Everyone!

My name is Lauren and I’m the owner/operator of Odd Egg Out, Illustrations and Gifts. I specialize in stylized paintings, prints, and hand printed gift cards. My inspiration comes from many of the Disney illustrators from the 1940s-1960s, mythology and folklore, Joss Whedon, and my mom’s cookies.

Mostly my blog will feature updates on the projects I’m currently working on, places where you can see my artwork, and the colors, images, and ideas that are bringing me inspiration.



  1. Hey. Kid yur doin great. Man I wish they had this stuff when I was young. Very proud my dear.

  2. Found your blog when I wanted to give someone a link to the great Sweet Land poster which I have on my wall, a gift from filmmaker Ali Selim. Just sent him a link to your blog, if he’s never read it. Great to find other passionate fans of the film.
    (I can tell you my quasi-connection to the film if you email back.)

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